Output Sales Corporation is a manufacturer’s representative agency that services the plumbing, industrial, municipal and HVAC markets. We have resident salesmen in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Our customer is the stocking wholesaler who provides a distribution link to the plumbing and mechanical contractor, builder, OEM and other end users.

Our company headquarters is located in New Kensington, PA, and we have the best inside sales department in our industry. We maintain a ratio of outside salesmen proportionate to our growth, and to provide better service to our wholesalers, we operate D2D Warehouse, located in Marysville, OH.

We are committed to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our employees focus on servicing the customer through responsive communication. We take pride in maintaining a staff of friendly, well-trained, and knowledgeable salespeople. When you contact any employee in our company, you will find a person who is professional and dedicated.